Croydon Park

Built adjacent to the Monastery of St Nectarios, Croydon Park has private bedrooms with ensuites, internal courtyards with vertical gardens, and many communal spaces full of natural light that encourage residents to socialise and connect with each other.

Croydon Park also features two villas, each with nine bedrooms and a kitchen and laundry – each providing our residents with the familiar feeling of living at home. The villas, fondly referred to as the Mediterranean Village, open to a large courtyard featuring herb and vegetable gardens, umbrellas and communal seating.


The Mediterranean Village

Single room, 20m2

In 2019, a separate building was converted into two villas, each with 9 bedrooms with an ensuite, a formal sitting room, and a lounge and dining room, as well as a kitchen and laundry that the residents are encouraged to use for their own needs.

The décor is reminiscent of the 1950s, with the benefits of current finishes and technology. Both villas open to a shared terrace that has been influenced by the villages of the Mediterranean.

The villas look like home, with artworks, furniture and patterns, that encourage familiarity, comfort and security for our residents.

Luxury Suite - East Wing

Single room and private ensuite, 17m2

The Luxury Suite at St Basil's Croydon Park accommodates a single ergonomic bed and armchair, a bedside table, a built-in robe and a private ensuite.

The suites are finished with contemporary, warm colours and textures, all with views to the streetscape or the internal courtyard. Suites each feature a wall-mounted flatscreen television with cable TV, individually controlled split system air-conditioner, and the option of a personal telephone.

Luxury Companion Suite - East Wing

Companion room and private ensuite, 22m2

The Luxury Companion Suite at St Basil's Croydon Park accommodates two single ergonomic beds each with an armchair, a bedside table, a built-in robe, and an ensuite.

The suite is finished with contemporary, warm colours and textures, with views to the street or the internal courtyard, and features a wall-mounted flatscreen television with cable TV, individually controlled split system air-conditioner, and the option of a personal telephone.


St Basil's Croydon Park is staffed around the clock with a dedicated team providing nursing and personal care services, an on-site chef, laundry and maintenance team.

Doctors, allied health practitioners, including physiotherapists, podiatrists, an on-site hair salon and local Chaplains attend Croydon Park on a regular basis to ensure our residents are able to maintain their best possible physical, social and spiritual health.


Gardening and enjoying company under canopied trees is encouraged at Croydon Park. Participation in offsite activities is available for residents, and the Living Well team offers craft and gentle movement activities, card games and lots of other opportunities to socialise.

Floor Plan

Each suite varies slightly in layout to accommodate room access and ergonomic beds, as well as storage and seating options.

A general layout can be requested by contacting our Welcome Team on (08) 7424 0998.


The accommodation fees at St Basil's are determined according to the Federal Government's pricing structure, which gives residents a choice in selecting how they pay for their accommodation choosing between a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) or a combination of the two, that is:

  • An upfront payment in full (known as 100% RAD); or
  • Paying the equivalent daily fee (ie DAP) with a 0% RAD; or
  • Paying a combination of RAD and a DAP.

Additional charges apply for optional services such as hairdressing and some events.

Information about the Government's pricing structure can be found at

Fees are subject to change every six months. To download the current fee structure for Croydon Park, please click here, or contact our Welcome team for more information.


St Basil's issues a daily accommodation update for its three facilities to assist those looking for immediate, unexpected care. Please contact our Welcome team on 08 7424 0998 or email to discuss your accommodation needs or to organise a tour of the facility most convenient to you.

From the moment the family and Dad met Jill and the other staff at St Basil’s we knew we had found the right place for Dad to spend his final years. From the day he moved in we personally witnessed the unbelievable care shown by all the staff to Dad and every resident at St Basil’s. Thank you!

- Paul, Family Member