About Us

St Basil's Homes (SA) provides aged care facilities and services to South Australians under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Church. You will find a St Basil's aged care facility in most States of Australia however the three South Australian facilities - Croydon Park, St Peters and Aegean Village at Christie Downs - are incorporated under St Basil's Homes (SA) and independently managed with a governing Board and executive management.

St Basil the great (329-379AD) is honoured in the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican and other Christian Churches for his role in shaping Christianity. His devotion to acts of charity and his community lie at the heart of St Basil's Homes. 

We invite you to tour St Basil's or join us at an event and experience our approach to living well at every age.  

Our Mission

Make Every Day Count. 

Our Vision

To provide our family with opportunities to live well and celebrate life's great stories.

Our Philosophy

St Basil's Homes (SA) believes that all people regardless of ethnicity, race, gender and age are entitled to high quality aged care. Our staff will work individually with each resident and family, in concert with health professionals, to ensure that their needs are defined, understood and met. Our residents have spent their lifetimes building families and communities; we remember this contribution with our gratitude and demonstrate our respect through our commitment to making sure that our residents can live well at every age, once they're home with St Basil's. 

What I really love about St Basil’s is the community spirit; activities like the movie night and community garden help to maintain connections with the things mum has always loved to do.

- Richard