Welcome to St Basil's

St Basil's provides contemporary and expertly serviced facilities to ensure that our residents can live well at any age.  

Come and visit St Basil's and experience an approach to aged care that combines care, with dignity and independence. We look forward to welcoming you to our home.

Benvenuto! Hoan nghênh! Καλώς oρίσατε!

Announcement: New Chief Executive

The Board of St Basil’s Homes (SA) is pleased to advise the appointment of Ms Michelle Church as Chief Executive of St Basil’s Homes (SA). This appointment follows a robust recruitment process that commenced with the resignation of Mrs Anne Suttie, Chief Executive in June this year.

For the last 12 years, Michelle has held the role of Chief Financial Officer for St Basil’s, acted as Chief Executive on various occasions and managed several capital and other significant projects. A new Chief Financial Officer will be recruited while Anne continues in the role of Chief Executive until 13 January 2017 allowing for a seamless transition to Michelle.

Congratulations to Michelle on her appointment and heartfelt thanks to Anne for her stewardship as Chief Executive, guiding St Basil’s through a successful period of consolidation, stabilisation and growth.

20 Year Staff Service - Celebrations

Let's flashback to 1996, when the Macarena was the Number one song. Doesn't that feel like a lifetime ago? Fortunately, good things happened that year too, with the appointment of three staff members who just last month celebrated their 20th anniversary with St Basil's. Congratulations to Maria, Camellia and Heather - how thrilled we are for your commitment to the St Basil's family. Thank you, sincerely!

When mum could no longer be left on her own, Plateia gave her a purpose in life, keeping her mentally stimulated through activities like crafts, discussions, games, singing and dancing. Plateia gives me peace of mind that mum is in a safe and caring environment when I'm at work.

- Irene

To the staff - keep accommodating the needs and wishes of those living within your facilities and their relatives! Well done.

- Anna

I am proud of the food that we prepare in our kitchen. It's always fresh, and we are constantly testing new recipes and flavours to make sure that our residents receive the quality of food that they can look forward to.

- Maria, St Basil's Chef